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'Aakashashi Jadvaa Naate' By Dr. S. K. Moharir

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Title Aakashashi Jadvaa Naate
Author Dr. S. K. Moharir
Categories Educational
Language Marathi
Edition 1
ISBN 9788190974646
Price ₹ 50


This book written by Mr. S.K Mohrir, is extremely informative to the individuals who have developed a hobby of watching and studying celestial planets. The language is very simple and easy to understand, even to a lay man. The author has explained the movements of planets in a very lucid style. Dr. Mohrir has analyzed speed of earth around itself and around sun in very simple terms.

In the third chapter, author has elaborated the subjects like plough galaxy and the origin of universe. The discussion about mathematics of keeping time in the Almanac and the calculations are also given here.

There are four appendixes in this book. The diagrams and explanation adds to the knowledge of us.

The mastery and maturity of the author can be seen through the explanations and discussions which he has put forth about this subject.

The purpose of the author is to create interest amongst school children about space and celestial bodies. 

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Good Book for Kids
Basic Astronomy Concept explained in simple words with use of figures and diagrams. Good writing

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Pages 48
Publish Date 30 Apr 2010
Weight 200Grams
Height 11.00Inches
Width 8.50Inches
Short Description Astronomy Book for Kids