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'Gruhavaidya' By Suyog Dandekar

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Title Gruhavaidya
Author Suyog Dandekar
Categories Health, Aurved
Language Marathi
Edition 3
ISBN 9788190974653
Price ₹ 350


Acclaimed by Family Doctor

There are 34 chapters in this book written by Ayurvedacharya Suyog Dandekar. He has given guidance on varied diseases and health problems and also about the diet.

 Ayurveda is being practiced for over 5000 years in India.  The knowledge of Ayurveda was handed over by Indra to Bhradwajmuni. The disciple of Bhradwajmuni, Agniwesh wrote this knowledge in a form of a book for the first time.

In this book, process and methods of preparing medicines at home are also included. There is a separate chapter on ailments for children. In the 33rd chapter the author has given has given his views on the current practice of ‘Garbasanskar.’

The wealth of knowledge is released through this book, which the author has obtained by the grace of his Guru. Almost all aspects of Ayurveda are mentioned in this book. The reader can obtain a certificate by taking up a postal course in Ayurveda by studying this book. The housewives also can study this book and keep the family members healthy. This is the main purpose of the author. 

Editorial Review

घरच्यांसाठी शिका आयुर्वेद

धकाधकीच्या जीवनात आपण मनावर, शरीरावर नको तेवढा ताण देतो आहोत आणि त्यातून आजारी पडू या भीतीने घेरले जात आहोत. तात्कालिक कारणांसाठी ऍलोपॅथीचे औषध घेतल्यावर काही पर्यायी उपचार पद्धती अवलंबावी असा विचार करू लागलो आहोत. निरोगी जीवन जगण्याच्या इच्छेने पुन्हा आपण आयुर्वेदाकडे वळतो आहोत. आपल्या आजारांवर उपचार करून घेण्यासाठी वैद्याकडे जाऊ लागलो आहोत. त्याचवेळी आपल्या लक्षात येतं, की केवळ वैद्यांनी दिलेली औषधे पुरेशी नाहीत, आपली जीवनशैली आयुर्वेदीय असायला हवी. आपली आजी जे घरचे उपचार करायची ते आयुर्वेदीकच असायचे की! जे कुटुंबात परंपरेने चालत आलेले होते, ते तर आता विसरले गेले आहे.

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Pages 200
Publish Date 01 Jun 2010
Weight 300Grams
Height 8.50Inches
Width 11.00Inches
Short Description Ayurvedic Medico Course for housewives